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Leadership and communications in times of Acute Uncertainty

Published in 2020

Perhaps this is not the time for an optimist who views leadership as a privilege. Such privilege, however, comes with significant pressures at times of acute uncertainty. Vital decisions need to be made very quickly, across a vast range of issues, with incomplete and quite possibly conflicting data. This pressure is compounded when the people to whom the leader is responsible are stressed, scared and easily led to anger. It is a tough time to be a leader.

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Why Be Optimistic

Published in 2019

Being an optimist is derided by those who are more knowing as simplistic, complacent and often uncaring. Certainly, the more intellectually superior position has always been to be sceptical and even cynical about "so called" progress. I take the opposite view. I am optimistic and I believe that the vast majority of problems can be solved and for those which cannot, then in the vast majority of cases a highly serviceable work around can be found...

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Published in 2019

The current zeitgeist amongst many in the coaching/mentoring community is that being a senior business leader is the loneliest job. I have a more optimistic assessment. Being a leader in a challenging environment is far from easy, but having the chance to implement a vision and change even a small part of the world is an opportunity few get to experience...

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